3D Printed Houses Are Now A Reality

We are so used to seeing houses that are made out of brick, wood and even glass. Have you seen a house that is made by printing? We are not talking about printing the plan of the house but printing the house itself!

The first physical demonstration of a 3D house is now here. The approximately 400 feet unique curved shape home was made with 3D printing and was all done in a matter of 24 hours.
The first ever 3D printed residential house which has been designed by a tech start-up named Apis Cor is the talk of the town in Moscow. A mobile 3D printer was used for building this home with a big eleven thousand dollars to complete it.

The concrete walls and the partitions are fully connected, instead of printing the panels at an outside site, all the printing was done at the location itself. A portable machine was used and with the help of some contractors the roof and the windows were added; the interiors were also completed, all within a day’s time.

By using 3D printing for constructing the building’s shell, Apis Cor had proved that constructions of this style would be eco-friendly, fast in addition to being reliable and highly efficient. The founder of this startup has mentioned that the primary reason for implementing this type of construction is to help people all around the world by helping improve their living conditions. He had also mentioned that delegating the hard work to the machines is how we should work to make the construction process simple and easy.

Apis Cor had chosen to construct the first 3D printing home in an unusual curved shape so that it is evident that 3D printing can be done for differently shaped homes and not just the traditional typed ones.

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