Are Today’s Baby Monitors Just A Fancy Item?

Today, there are a lot of high-tech baby monitors that are available and can do much more than just show the video of the little one. Some of them even offer to measure the vital signs of the baby which includes heart rate and their breathing patterns, allowing parents to track these on their smartphones. As per a popular research, these baby monitors may not be used for any medical advantages.

As there is no evidence that the baby monitors of today can give an accurate reading about the medical condition of the baby, they are merely a fancy device that can only monitor baby movements. Sometimes, the alarms raised by these monitors are false and do not mean that there is something wrong with the health condition of the baby.

Researchers have examined five high-tech baby monitors that have been recently introduced in the market and their accompanying smartphone apps. One significant finding was that the alarms are starting going off when the baby was ok.

For example, if a one month baby is crying, the heart rate is bound to go up to or even exceed 180 beats per minute; this does not mean that the baby has a heart-related issue. The alarm goes off as it uses a predetermined heart rate that is registered with it, whereas in reality, it is just a false alarm. Concerned parents usually end up consulting a physician who will eventually run a lot of tests that include EKG, blood tests, a chest X-ray and even admission in some cases to monitor the baby.

The baby would also be subjected to a lot of discomfort, radiation and will be exposed to other sick kids in the hospital environment which is all unnecessary. In addition to this, the parents are put through anxious moments and also a huge hospital bill.

Parents should discuss these baby monitors with their doctors before deciding to buy them. This would help them to save a lot of time and confusion about the health condition of the baby.

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