Microbes Found In Mexico’s Crystal Cave

Microbes that could be anywhere between ten to fifty thousand years old has been discovered inside an enormous and glittering crystal cave in the Chihuahua State of Mexico.
The chambers of the cave are filled with crystals made out of selenite that has been formed over many thousands of years back by the magma heated, rich ground water that was available then. Inside these crystals were small, fluid pockets that have microbes that have never been seen before by mankind.

The Naica crystals were initially discovered in 2000. The cave is usually filled with water and can allow researchers inside only when the water is pumped out of it. Even when this is done, it is quite a challenge for the visitors as the inside of the cave has a humidity of ninety percent and temperatures ranging from 45 to 50 degree Celsius. This only means that no one can enter the cave without highly protective clothing. Even with ample protection and lots of ice bags, it is not advisable to stay inside the cave for more than thirty minutes.

The search for any microbes inside the crystal started immediately after the cave’s discovery in 2000. The initial extraction of the fluid to check the availability of live microbes was done in 2009. This cave was also part of the ten strangest places in which life forms were discovered. The microbes that were discovered are genetically different from any other life form that is known.
Based on the growth pattern, these microbes are said to be inside the fluid for somewhere between ten thousand to fifty thousand years old. This was reported at the annual meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science. The results will soon be published in an internal journal.

It has taken nine years to just find the microbes and another nine years to do the research about them to find their age. We look forward to the study and hope that the researchers characterize the environment and the inhabitants to reveal some outstanding facts from our past.

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