Unsolved Mysteries Of Science

The meaning of science is that it is the intellectual and practical activity that studies the structure and behavior of both the physical and natural worlds. Using science and technology, we have been able to understand a lot of things that are both living and nonliving forms. But still, there are some unsolved mysteries of science. Though the initial list was provided in 2012, it was updated in February 2017.

Here they are.

· Dark energy: Astrophysicists have found that there is an invisible agent that counters the effect of gravity and also pushes space and time apart. This is called as dark energy. Till today, we are unable to find what this is dark energy.

· Dark matter: From research, it has been evident that 84% of the matter in the universe does not emit or absorb light. There is a belief that these could be made up of weakly interacted massive particles, but we are still unsure of what is dark matter.

· Parallel universes: Through research, we have been able to identify many aspects of the universe, but we are still not sure if there are any parallel universes.

· Matter and Antimatter: There is a wide belief that matter and antimatter co-exist in a natural way. We are still unclear as to why there is more matter than antimatter.

· The fate of the universe: This is one question that no one can answer till today i.e. what will be the fate of the universe.

· Measurements collapse quantum wave functions: Science is still to identify why measurements can collapse quantum wave functions.

· String theory: There is no conceivable way to detect anything minuscule using string theory and hence there is no way to validate it.

· In addition to these, there are other complex questions like what happens inside a black hole, is there order in chaos, do the forces of the universe merge into one, do naked singularities exist, the symmetry between charge and symmetry, when can sound waves make light, etc.

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