Victoria Warehouse Will Host The First Conference Of Women’s Equality Party

The first conference of the Women’s Equality Party will be held in The Cotton Sheds of the Victoria Warehouse that is in Manchester.

The conference that lasts for three days would be attended by nearly thousand four hundred delegates and over sixty-five thousand party members and supporters.

As per a recent note, ‘The Telegraph’ had reported that WEP is the fastest growing political party that is in the United Kingdom. The party was established in 2015 by Sandi Toksvig and Catherine Mayer. Sandi Toksvig is a popular author and a broadcaster. Catherine Mayer is also an author and journalist. The main objective of the Women’s Equality Party is gender equality.

The organizers of the party have mentioned that Manchester was chosen as it reflects the rich history as the home of Emmeline Pankhurst and also the birthplace of the famous suffragette movement.

The director of sales of the Victoria Warehouse commented that they are delighted to host the WEP’s first political conference at their venue and wish the party a grand success in the future. She also added that the Warehouse had hosted a lot of different events including launching cars, exhibitions, and conferences that adding a political event has made their venue a very adaptable one.

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